We are The Horizon Magazine. We are a space dedicated to the cultivation of new voices and bold work. We are a magazine that aims to share art and literature that pushes boundaries, challenges audiences, and is powerfully expressive.

Our mission is to create a high-quality artistic journal that mixes mediums of art, literature, and photography. Our intention is that the magazine shall always be free to read, published online and accessible to all, as well as printed and distributed in select bars and cafes of London, Brighton and possibly further. For people outside of these cities, the print edition of the magazine is also available for worldwide delivery.

We strive to make each edition of The Horizon Magazine to be a collection of beautiful and diverse work. We want every edition to be open to writers and artists from all backgrounds. So, we pledge to never have a submission fee, as we believe there should be no limitations on the opportunity to express yourself.

This is a space for the bold, a space for the beautiful, and a space for the unique.

For Writing on the Horizon.


The Horizon Magazine is dedicated to producing a high-quality magazine that is free to access. Every edition of the magazine is free to read below:

For those interested in a free print version of the magazine, details can be found here.

We also release every magazine as an audio-mag for those with impaired vision or for those who prefer audio media. The audio-magazine can be found here alongside an interview series with the contributors of the magazine.


Submissions for the Horizon Issue 04 are now open! The submission deadline is MIDNIGHT OCTOBER 1ST.

At The Horizon Magazine each edition is a combination of visual and literary media. We aspire to blend our submissions in a way that allow pieces to play off each other, complement, and contrast. We accept submissions of:

Please send all submissions within a single email to contacthorizonmagazine@gmail.com with your name and format in the subject, e.g. 'Max Power - Photography'.

For art and photography: please change the file name for each submission to 'firstnamelastname_title' e.g. 'PabloPicasso_Guernica'.

Please format text submissions in 12pt font, and for prose pieces please justify the text and use double spacing. Feel free to use any font you desire, but bare in mind, the font and formatting of the text may be altered in the design process. It is preferable to receive submissions as Word documents but PDFs are acceptable as well.

For submissions of art and photography, attach all pieces to the email or link us to an online portfolio. Please avoid the use of temporary hosting sites/download links such as WeTransfer. If using an online portfolio, please guide us towards a selection of your pieces.

We look forward to receiving your work.